Considered Context

Considered Context

The Transformer needs context to generate accurate text. So all the data that we will send with the prompt, we call it Considered Context.

With Basic Commands

See basic commands in Commands.

Using the selection

It can be :

  • The selected text.
  • The line where the cursor is, If it is not empty.
  • the full content, If line is empty.

Adding the document title

You can add the title for the considered context by enabling it from the plugin’s settings.

Adding the starred blocks

If you want to include a specific section in a long article, you can add the heading content by adding an asterisk * at the end of the heading.

  • You need to enable the option in the settings.
  • Example
    # Title* 
    This is a title
    # Introduction
    write introduction

Adding Metadata Variables

You can add any information you want in the metadata or frontmatter variables (This will be considered in Generate Text (with Metadata). You must avoid YAML keywords used by the plugin. For example:

title: Considered Context
tags: doc
layout: note 

With Template Commands

Starting from version 0.1.0, Templates are supported in Text Generator Plugin.

Ensure the information is available on the template for you to use in the Plugin’s settings.

More information about their usage is in Templates.

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