Generate Text (use Metadata)

Generate Text (use Metadata)

Generate Text (use Metadata)” generates a text based on the selected text and the metadata in the frontmatter and insert it on the current cursor position. See  Considered Context for more details.

Default Hotkey: Ctrl + Alt + j.

Let’s take as an example the following document.

title: "Obsidian + Text Generator Plugin: The More 
Affordable and Powerful AI Text Assistante Helper"
keywords: AI Text Assistante Helper, text assistant helper, Jasper
Write conclusion

By selecting “Write conclusion “ and running Generate Text (use Metadata), Text Generator Plugin will append the metadata information and send the command like this.

title: "Obsidian + Text Generator Plugin: The More 
Affordable and Powerful AI Text Assistante Helper" 
keywords: AI Text Assistante Helper, text assistant helper, Jasper 
Write conclusion  

The metadata here can be seen as global context that you can append to the selected text to get more accurate results without send the full content which optimize your cost (see How the cost is calculated).


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