Share a New Template Package


This is a draft. This section of the documentation will be written in more details at a later date.


Step 01: Prepare template package repo

01- Fork default package repo or create a repo with same structure

02- Put the prompts in the “prompts folder” respecting template format (Templates).

03- Put the promptids in data.json





04- Update manifest file

"packageId": "default",
"name": "Default Prompts Package",
"version": "0.0.6",
"minTextGeneratorVersion": "0.1.0",
"description": "...",
"author": "...",
"tags" : "writing, brainstorming",
"authorUrl": "...",

05- Push the changes

06- Publish a relases with title of the version

Step 02: Adding your package to Text Generator Database

01-Fork main repo

02- Add your package to the end of community-packages.json, ### 03- Make that your packageId is unique.



"packageId": "default",

"name": "Default Prompts Package",

"version": "0.0.5",

"minTextGeneratorVersion": "0.1.0",

"description": "This is the main package that comes with Text Generator plugin in Obsidian",

"author": "Noureddine Haouari",

"tags" : "writing, brainstorming",

"authorUrl": "",



... Insert your package information here (same as your manifest file)

04- Push the changes

05- Pull request

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