Enhance Your Obsidian Experience with AI

Leverage AI-driven templates and smart content generation for effortless note-taking and streamlined content creation.

Seamless Empowerment

Harness Generative AI with Our Intuitive Suite of Features

Free & Open-Source

Access the Text Generator Plugin at no cost—fully open-source for unrestricted use and innovation.

Collaborative Template Hub

Join forces with peers by exchanging templates, fostering a shared creative space for Generative AI applications in note-taking.

Smart Prompt Customization

Harness Template Metadata to create tailored prompts that yield text outputs fine-tuned to your context and needs.

Extensive Language Model Compatibility

Enjoy flexibility with support for a diverse range of language models, including gpt-4-1106-preview (gpt4 turbo) 128k, gpt-3.5-instruct, claude, bard, and llama.

Advanced Template Engine

Elevate your productivity with dynamic Templates that simplify and enhance your note-taking routine.

Optimized for Obsidian

Experience a plugin that’s crafted for Obsidian, integrating smoothly to augment your Personal Knowledge Management practices.

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